``Forging Connections to Shape Tomorrow``

J ust like a living being, companies must evolve to adapt to their environment. Some try to anticipate these changes to gain a competitive advantage. Whilst, through their actions, others try to have an impact on the world around them and to initiate these (r)evolutions. In all cases, all departments of the company are involved, from talent management to the most technical professions.

At the same time, talented people are increasingly seeking to reconcile a working environment which provides comfort, stability and personal development, while enriching their experiences with various stakeholders and issues.

Our job at LSI is to connect these two ecosystems to form one, more efficient and sustainable. For us, the digital transformation of our processes and the utilization of data represent a powerful tool to accelerate this movement.


It is this vision which drives us, through 3 main areas of work, and which determines our projects for the future.

Our entrepreneurial culture

The culture of entrepreneurship is at the heart of LSI’s spirit. We are committed to our employees’ personal development and to that of new business projects. Therefore, to grow without weighing ourselves down, we’d like our employees to be able to express their potential with maximum autonomy and responsiveness. Today, it is these values which guide all employees in the choices they make on a daily basis.


Personalities above all, young enthusiasts, experienced people on the rise, experts eager to pass on, entrepreneurs, who come together around common values, to grow together and advance our clients’ projects as well as our own.

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clients: from start-ups to large groups
consultants and experts
agencies in Paris and Lyon
Business Unit : Life Sciences & Digital
dedicated entities: LSI Learning & LSI Research
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