LSI is developing a global approach based on 3 major axes: a strong sectoral and regulatory knowledge of the world of health, transversal business expertise in digital areas and in engineering as well as high-level management by our technical department.

J ust like a living being, companies must evolve to adapt to their environment. Some try to anticipate these changes to gain a competitive advantage. Whilst, through their actions, others try to have an impact on the world around them and to initiate these (r)evolutions. In all cases, all departments of the company are involved, from talent management to the most technical professions.

At the same time, talented people are increasingly seeking to reconcile a working environment which provides comfort, stability and personal development, while enriching their experiences around various stakeholders and issues.

Our job at LSI is to connect these two ecosystems to form one, more efficient and sustainable.


This vision determines our projects for the future as well as our day-to day through 3 main areas of work.

Matrix organisation

LSI works in a matrix manner to offer its clients high added value services, its employees a career plan and to capitalise on its know-how.

Intervention mode

From start- ups to large groups, we adapt our intervention mode to the context of our clients.

On the customer site or in one of our centres of expertise, we take as much care of your projects as of our teams.

Client area

  • Client area

    We can intervene on your site, with your teams. Each consultant has advanced means of communication with all LSI teams in order to deliver qualitative services and find answers to their questions and yours.

  • Training and events

    We attach great importance to our employees’ well-being by working on team cohesion and the sharing of our values by organising training and events.

Centre of expertise

  • Dedicated team

    Each centre of expertise has its own teams, consultants, experts, business managers, managers and recruiters. Each project team has its own dedicated working environment.

  • Outsourcing

    We have the option of outsourcing all or part of your activities to one of our centres of expertise, within the context of project teams located on customer sites or internally.

Collaborative work

Our advisory role is to provide you with feedback on experience acquired on all the services provided by our employees. Our employees can talk to each other at any time and have access to our documentary base to answer your questions and suggest areas for improvement.

A dedicated project team is set up for each mission and includes an activities manager, a business manager as well as the collaborators involved on a daily basis on the project. The activity manager is responsible for meeting the client’s objectives in terms of cost, quality and time, while the business manager ensures access to information for consultants and the suitability of their skills with the mission.


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